Investment into The Darkness of the Moor

Opportunites exist for investment into The Darkness of the Moor and the production budget will be raised via private / corporate equity and funding schemes / grants including the BFI / Creative England Emerging Talent scheme. Upon completion of the film, the producers will target the top film festivals such as Sundance, Berlin, Venice, Cannes and Toronto in order to create maximum publicity and to garner the most competitive distribution deals. Generally circa 80% of a film's revenues is expected in the first three years and is made up via a combination of international distribution markets including theatrical; pay cable; home video/DVD; basic cable; video on demand; broadcast television; and miscellaneous smaller markets.

Any revenues that flow back to the producers (minus minor operating and delivery expenses) will be distributed to the investors on a quarterly basis as follows:


The first profits return to OBM will go entirely to the investors parri passu to their original investment. When the investors have received a cumulative 100% of their original investment then the profit distribution reaches the second phase.


All ’deferments’ will be paid. This ’deferred compensation’ is given to actors, key crew, post-production facilities etc to entice top caliber people to work below their normal rate, keeping up-front costs low whilst maintaining the highest possible production value. The deferments will be capped.


From here on, all profit participants will receive ’points’ in the film. There will be 100 points in total, and investors will receive 50 of these points on a pari passu basis. For example, an investor of a quarter of the budget would receive 12.5 points in the film. The other 50 points will be allocated by the producers to actors, writer / director, producers, and other key contributors.

Investors will also:

Statement of Risk

This proposal outlines the formation and operation of a limied liability company to engage in the business of the production and exploitation of a motion picture.

The contents of this proposal are confidential and are disclosed pursuant to a conidential relationship and may not be reproduced or otherwise used except for the purpose intended herein.

The purchase of membership interests described herein entails a high degree of risk and is suitable for purchase only by those who can afford a total loss of their investment. Further, factors as contained in this proposal (which does not include all possible factors) should be carefully evaluated by each prospective purchaser of a limited membership interest.

The contents of this proposal are not to be construed by any prospective purchaser of a limited membership interest as business, legal, or tax advice, and it is reccommended that each such prospective purchaser will retain the services of a representative who has such knowledge and expertise as may be necessary to evaluate the purchase.

Written and Directed by James Everett

Producer Paul Olavesen-Stabb

Quick pitch

Rosemary’s Baby meets The Wicker Man



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