The Darkness of the Moor

The Darkness of the Moor


A man takes his seven-year-old daughter to Dartmoor to experience a traditional May Day celebration. When she disappears he embarks on a journey whereby he cannot tell if he’s relapsing into madness or if the devil has actually taken her.


The moor is a deceptive beast when she wishes…

Visual references

Sleepy Hollow, The Wicker Man, Wuthering Heights, The Witch, A Field in England

Thematic references

The Borderlands, Rosemary’s Baby, The Wicker Man, Jacob’s Ladder, Flightplan

Tonal references

The Wicker man, Jacobs Ladder, Citadel, The Exorcist, The Shining


Supernatural, disability, paganism

The Darkness of the Moor is to be shot entirely on location on Dartmoor and, as a project, is a tribute to and celebration of the dark history and myths that have permeated this baron, uniquely English landscape for centuries. It is this inescapable and overawing sense of identity both in look and subject matter that has led to the creation of The Darkness of the Moor and which contributes the most cogent case for it to be made.

With the dramatic hunt sequences and 17th century flashbacks there will be visual overtones of Sleepy Hollow amid the subtle dramatic undertone of The Wicker Man, which gradually crescendos as the two worlds meet.

The Darkness of the Moor draws its inspiration from a culture of history that is not dissimilar to Ancient Greece in that the line between fact and fiction is invariably blurred.

The creative vision for The Darkness of the Moor is to make something that feels totally realistic but has the aesthetic backdrop of a film one might normally associate with something more overtly magical or fairytale-esque. The location is the prime ingredient in achieving this.

As it stands, Dartmoor is rarely used in cinema. Films that have used this location such as War Horse and Harry Potter which used Dartmoor more for aesthetic purposes rather than delving into any of its identity as a place.


Script Recognition

The Darkness of the Moor script has received the following recognition to date:

Painting Competition

Have your painting feature in The Darkness of the Moor

We are working with South West Art Workshops to coordinate an exciting painting competition to find the painting which will be featured in the film.
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Written and Directed by James Everett

Producer Paul Olavesen-Stabb

Quick pitch

Rosemary’s Baby meets The Wicker Man


Horror thriller

Run time


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