The Darkness of the Moor

The Darkness of the Moor


A man takes his daughter to the moor for a day out but when she disappears he becomes convinced the devil has taken her.

Director's Statement

The Darkness of the Moor is a project that has been percolating since 2003, the year I left university. As soon as I graduated I went straight to Dartmoor to find inspiration for a film.

Many questions people have about the film typically involve an answer that relates to the moor itself. Dartmoor is why I made it. The setting is the inspiration. It’s Dartmoor’s unique, rugged landscape and timeless wilderness. It’s the moor’s rich and intoxicating history that overlaps with myth.

With this in mind, The Darkness of the Moor is essentially a film about the power of a place, a power over which there is no rationality or belief system that can  assert any control or resistance.

The moor is an amalgamation of conflicting extremes. It’s the pretty rural retreat; it’s the quagmire of horror and deceit, depending on your experience. Or rather what the moor decides your experience will be…

James Everett
June 2017

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Script Recognition

The Darkness of the Moor script has received the following recognition to date:

Written and Directed by James Everett

Producer Paul Olavesen-Stabb

Quick pitch

Rosemary’s Baby meets The Wicker Man



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